About LuxeMED

🚀 Our Unique Approach: With a seasoned team that boasts extensive experience in healthcare delivery, medical product supply, and distribution, LuxeMED understands the nuanced needs of hospitals, allied health practitioners, doctors, and specialists. Our commitment extends beyond traditional boundaries, having closely collaborated with Home Care Package Providers and NDIS Support Coordinators to ensure the highest level of care for recipients and participants.

💡 Passionate Innovation: Fueling our journey is an unwavering passion to create and innovate, driving LuxeMED to envision and craft the healthcare supply chain of the future. Every day, we strive to push the boundaries, leveraging our experience and insights to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Item Range

  • Bathroom and Toilet
  • Bedroom
  • Compression
  • Daily Living Aids
  • Fall Prevention
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Injury Recovery and Rehab
  • Lift Chairs and Seating
  • Medical Carts
  • Mobility Aids and Accessories
  • Therapy and Exercise