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Enabley connects Therapists, Carers and Individuals with experienced Suppliers for Assistive Technology solutions. Spend more time with clients, less time searching.

For Therapists, Carers and Individuals

Enabley brings client solutions to you

  • 1

    Craft a Request

    Tailor the request for your client's unique requirements with our intuitive interface.

  • 2

    Connect with Suppliers

    Send your request to a handpicked list of reliable suppliers, ensuring efficient communication and swift responses.

  • 3

    Choose the Ideal Solution

    Receive and compare estimates quickly, empowering you to select the best solution for your client's specific needs.


How Enabley Helps

Request & Estimate Builder

Seamlessly build and manage requests and estimates for smooth interactions.

Agreement Management

Create agreements, maintain historical records, and foster transparent collaboration.

Supplier Profiles

Create and enhance supplier profiles effortlessly to showcase your offerings.

Real-time Communication

Engage in chat and video chat functionalities for instant and effective communication.

Client Management

Organize and manage client information, ensuring a smooth client experience.

Team Member Management

Oversee and coordinate your team with our intuitive tools for team member management.

For Suppliers

Effortlessly receive daily opportunities

  • 1

    Stand out

    Highlight your products and services with a profile that demonstrates your expertise in providing assistive technology solutions.

  • 2

    Receive Tailored Requests

    Get matched with relevant client requests tailored to your offerings, ensuring you receive inquiries that align with your expertise.

  • 3

    Provide Swift Estimates

    Respond promptly to client requests with accurate and timely estimates, showcasing your commitment to efficient and reliable service.

Have some questions?

For therapists, carers and individuals, Enabley is 100% free.

For suppliers there is a small (very small) connection fee. This fee is only collected after you have formed an agreement with the prescribing therapist.

This means there is no upfront cost, you can signup and receive opportunities for free and have access to all the features of Enabley to discuss requests in detail and will only pay Enabley when you are getting paid.

No, transactions do not take place directly on Enabley.

After the prescribing therapist approves an estimate from a supplier, the supplier will provide detailed instructions on how to advance with procurement within their own systems.

This allows the supplier to seamlessly manage secure transactions, oversee fulfillment, conduct training, and handle warranties the same way they do today.

An Enabley Agreement occurs when the prescribing therapist and the supplier reach a mutual understanding on a solution, and the estimate has received approval. This marks the concluding phase on Enabley, consolidating all request-related information into a formal "Agreement" between the two parties.

Once the Agreement is established, the supplier will outline detailed next steps for the prescribing therapist to follow, facilitating the finalization of the procurement process.

Contacting Enabley Support is easy! Simply navigate to the Support section, and you'll find options to submit a support ticket. We're here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have.

If you have a general question or a feature you think would make Enabley even better. Simple email us at